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June 2014

Eroge Aka

Aka Original Name: 朱-Aka- Brand: NekoNeko Soft Release Date: 2003-06-13 VNDB Getchu

Eroge Soshite Kirameku Otome to Himitsu^5

Soshite Kirameku Otome to Himitsu^5 Description Due to certain circumstances, Tetsuo’s younger sister Yuri was accepted into Saint Ouka Academy, a girls’ school for the upper class. Since she was quite shy and only a member of the lower-middle class, [...]

Eroge Sanarara R

Sanarara R Description Sanarara R is a remake/renewal of the original VN: Sanarara. It includes new heroine and extra scenarios from the fandiscs. Graphics was adapted for widescreen resolution. Original Name: サナララR Brand: NekoNeko Soft Release Date: 2012-10-26 VNDB Getchu

Eroge Neko Puchi Fan Disc

Neko Puchi Fan Disc Description Fandisc for Yukiiro ~Sora ni Rokka no Sumu Machi~ Hentai CG for this eroge: HCG Neko Puchi Fan Disc. Original Name: ねこぷちファンディスク Other Name: ねこ夏コミセット ぷちファンディスク, Neko NatsuComi Set Puchi Fan Disk, Neko Petit Fun [...]

Eroge Yukiiro ~Sora ni Rokka no Sumu Machi~

Yukiiro ~Sora ni Rokka no Sumu Machi~ Description It’s a city that is adorned by snow. Snow preoccupies the landscape 5 months of a year. Within those months, people’s relationships also changes bit by bit. As far back as I [...]

Eroge White Chokotto Fan Disc

White Chokotto Fan Disc Description This is fandisc for White ~blanche comme la lune~ Original Name: White ちょこっとファンディスク Other Name: White Chokotto Fan Disk Brand: NekoNeko Soft Release Date: 2011-06-17 VNDB Getchu

Eroge White ~blanche comme la lune~

White ~blanche comme la lune~ Description While this game has the same title as NekoNekoSoft’s debut title in 2000, this is a different story altogether. Shigetomo is a 25 year old insurance agent who lives a pretty standard life with [...]

Eroge NekoNeko Fan Disc 3

NekoNeko Fan Disc 3 Description 3rd fan disk for NekoNeko's games: Lamune, Sanarara, Scarlett, Sorairo. Original Name: ねこねこファンディスク3 Other Name: NekoNeko Fan Disk 3 Brand: NekoNeko Soft Release Date: 2010-02-26 VNDB Getchu

Eroge Sorairo

Sorairo Description You start off as Kenji, a pretty ordinary kid (yes you start off as a kid) who’s visiting his aunt during the holidays with his father. There, he meets his cousin Ai, a quiet girl who is just [...]

Eroge Scarlett

Scarlett Description Ohno Akito is a military otaku. Akito dropped out of school a year ago and is now camping on a small island off Okinawa, where he went in the forlorn hope that the American military presence would give [...]

Eroge Puchi Fan Disc Mitai na no

Puchi Fan Disc Mitai na no Description Contains the usual extra omake stuff one would expect from NekoNeko Soft to Sanarara and Lamune, and has an exclusive introductory section to Scarlett (interview with the heroines and the writer's comments about [...]

Eroge Sanarara

Sanarara Description It was something that could've happened to anyone... A somewhat mysterious story... In a perfectly ordinary city, a mysterious event unexpectedly begins. Together at night, sneaking into the school building, "slightly" different from usual, that's the story of [...]