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Eroge Amane Switch ~Yamanai Ame to Yanda Kanojo Soshite Ore~

Amane Switch ~Yamanai Ame to Yanda Kanojo Soshite Ore~

雨音スイッチ ~やまない雨と病んだ彼女そして俺~

Shinji Mizushima who was spending usual educational institution life, It becomes acquainted with a certain girl. The name is Amane Satonaka. Rain inside, The song of amefuri was hummed without opening the umbrella. A wet appearance as it is not possible to think is beautiful with the one of the This world, A mysterious mood was worn. It is surprised and to the chest of Shinji who ran up, Amane falls down slowly. The girl in the arm is attracted, Shinjis life changes gradually by the thing with relations.

HCG pack for this eroge can be found at: HCG Amane Switch ~Yamanai Ame to Yanda Kanojo Soshite Ore~

Original Name: 雨音スイッチ ~やまない雨と病んだ彼女そして俺~
Other Name: 雨音スイッチ, 雨音(あまね)スイッチ ~やまない雨と病んだ彼女そして俺~
Brand: Kokuchou
Release Date: 2013-07-26

Package content:
(18禁ゲーム) [130726] [黒鳥] 雨音(あまね)スイッチ ~やまない雨と病んだ彼女そして俺~ (mdf+mds+rr3)


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