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[Eroge] 人妻魔法処女セイント★ティアーズ – Hitozuma Mahou Shojo Saint ★ Tears

Hitozuma Mahou Shojo Saint ★ Tears


Pretty magical girls-cum-wives f*ck to the basest level!
Monster*pe, spermania and fertility grease the chute for their plunge to abso-lewd madness…

* Mahou shojo made spawners
Nary a moment’s rest is spared the ever-f*cking ladies.
Ravishings turn them into obedient wenches!
It’s just a matter of time until they’re begging
for monster c*ck in Softhouse-Seal’s
Magical Soldier Interspecies Sex Assault Special ADV.

* A story of dashed heroics
Evil from another dimension invades a peaceful town,
but justice casts its defiant shadow on their path of rampage.
Hark! Righteous magical girls will save the day!

But defeating the monster horde isn’t enough.
Peace will only be restored with the fall of the monsters’ boss Rebelia.

Three magical girls discover a monster-filled cave on the edge of town.
With steady nervs they venture inside.
It’s a place warped by Rebelia’s dark magic, linked to the magical world.

This place is where they’ll be f*cked and f*cked.
Corrupted… wombs the spawning ground of monsters…

For the would-be saviors, there is no salvation.

* A blend of the popular “transforming heroine” and “wife” genres.
Softhouse-Seal adds “interspecies sex” and “pregnancy” to the mix!
Each situation is a spectacle of magical girls mercilessly f*cked.

Original Name: 人妻魔法処女セイント★ティアーズ
Other Name: Bridal Magical Virgin SAINT TEARS
Brand: Softhouse-Seal
Release Date: 2014-11-14

Package content:
(18禁ゲーム) [141114] [softhouse-seal/Devil-seal] 人妻魔法処女セイント★ティアーズ


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