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Eroge Ma Furu Yoru no Rin

Ma Furu Yoru no Rin


You, the hero, have been possessed by a demon, and beautiful demon hunter Rin is out for your head. To turn the tables, seduce her with your magic semen that no woman can resist, then enjoy a wide variety of erotic content with your new pet. A great game for anyone who loves to see a strong-willed heroine turn submissive.

HCG pack for this eroge can be found at: HCG Ma Furu Yoru no Rin

Original Name: 魔降ル夜ノ凜
Other Name: 魔降ル夜ノ凛, Rin on the Demon Night
Brand: Lilith Soft
Release Date: 2013-03-29


Konichiwa minna!!! Before asking for help plz read those links first. Thank. Frequently Asked Questions, Basic hentai game installation guide, Applocale + Unicode Setting Tutorial by Tessu

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        Thanks very much