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[Eroge] マブラヴ DVD-ROM版 – Muv-Luv – DVD-ROM Edition

Muv-Luv – DVD-ROM Edition
マブラヴ DVD-ROM版

マブラヴ DVD-ROM版

Eroge was released on 2004-04-30.

Muv-Luv Series

マブラヴ OP

Original Name: マブラヴ DVD-ROM版
Brand: Age – アージュ
Release Date: 2004-04-30

Package content:
[NoDVD Patch] [age] マブラヴ DVD-ROM版

Installation guide by moemoe-kyun

There is an instruction in the package ( i update recently, old package doesn’t have ). I put it here in case you got the old package.

It seems the installation (from _extra.ccd ) doesn’t complete. I still don’t know how to use the NoDVD patch.
But i figure out how to make it works by using Amaterasu english patch.
If someone know how to make this game work without using the english patch, plz let me know.

Before install, make sure you do: change system locale and TURN OFF YOUR AV PROGRAM.
Here the step:
– mount the MUVLUV_EXTRA.ccd
– run the setup.exe
– click on install
– next next next
– the game will boot itself, ignore all. – mount the MUVLUV_UNLIMITED
– run the english patch
– next next next
– when done, untick run game and readme
– mount MUVLUV_EXTRA.ccd again
– run the game exe ( not the uninstall )
– wait for it complete the installation
– if you do correctly, the game will boot itself



Konichiwa minna!!! Before asking for help plz read those links first. Thank. Frequently Asked Questions, Basic hentai game installation guide, Applocale + Unicode Setting Tutorial by Tessu

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