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[Eroge] サツコイ~悠久なる恋の歌~ – Satsukoi ~Yuukyuu Naru Koi no Uta~

Satsukoi ~Yuukyuu Naru Koi no Uta~


One snowy night,
the protagonist, Kano Izumi, kicked out of his house under some circumstances, lay dying in front of the train station. Unable to move from hunger, his five senses frozen from the cold, he was about to lose consciousness. His feelings were already past despair; he was void of all emotions.
Then, a girl, Shirahase Yuu, a classmate who often skips school, appears. As if picking up an abandoned kitten, she takes him to her apartment.

“Kano-kun, you are my meal so I’m going to feed you to fatten you up.”
She smiles faintly as she voices those words.

“This girl is messed up.”
Even while thinking that, Izumi had nowhere else to go, and so stays in her apartment.
However, Izumi eventually realizes…
Yu is a descendant of the immortal man-eating mermaids.

– Would you die for the sake of the one you love?

The predator and the prey.
A love story that no one will ever understand.

サツコイ~悠久なる恋の歌~ OP

Original Name: サツコイ~悠久なる恋の歌~
Other Name: Yukyu Naru Koi no Uta
Brand: Alcot Honey Comb – ALcot ハニカム
Release Date: 2014-08-29

Package content:
(FN輸入) (18禁ゲーム) [140829] [ALcot ハニカム] サツコイ ~悠久なる恋の歌~ (iso+mds+マニュアル+rr3)


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