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[Eroge] 姉妹遊壊 – Shimai Yuukai

Shimai Yuukai


The bond between sisters is torn by the lust of men:
“Play with us! We’ll give you the gift of leftover pleasure and dread!”

* Corner the beautiful sisters, obliterate the purity in their hearts and loins!
Gangbangs, bondage, forced lesbianism and more create an aura of fear and despair
for two half-French sisters whose doll beauty is stained with disgrace.

* Story
Emily Hayama and her close little sister Anne returned to Japan
after several years living abroad in France.
They were admitted to a prestigious private school.

However, their homecoming was marred by the atrocious
son of the school’s top chairman, Yuujou Takashina (protagonist)
who was the president of the student council.

As future owner of the school he was completely uninhibited,
abusing power to dictate the terms of the final exam.

His target, the Hayama sisters.
Their despair began—

* Sisters cornered in a game of despair
Emily put herself into the game to save the Hayama family,
and little Anne entered to save Emily.
Two beautiful sisters are unforgivingly seared by the brand of men’s lust,
facing utter hopelessness, and betrayal—

Original Name: 姉妹遊壊
Brand: Softhouse-Seal
Release Date: 2014-10-31

Package content:
(FN輸入) (18禁ゲーム) [141031] [softhouse-seal/Devil-seal] 姉妹遊壊 (iso+mds+マニュアル+rr3)


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