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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s Hentai Zone (HZ)?
A: Hentai Zone is a website that share hentai stuffs.

Q: I just see you guys index a lots of hentai games and hentai OVAs, how can i find download link?
A: At the bottom of each page, you will see a button like this: button hentaizone Simply click on it and you will found download link.

Q: I scroll to the bottom but there isn’t button like that!!!
A: Is this case, please check the post date. If a new post please wait at least 24h for us to update. If a old post, please inform us.

Q: Is there password for it?
A: NO, at this time we don’t add any password for protected content.

Q: Is there password to unrar archive?
A: NO and NEVER. We never add password in the archive.

Q: Ok, i found download links but there are many hosts, can i download different part from different host?
A: Yes, all links are interchangeable.

Q: I found download links but links are dead, what can i do?
A: Just notify us about it, we’ll try to reupload ASAP. Read more in this page: Request new hentai and reupload request

Q: I downloaded the package but i can’t unrar.
A: Please try to use winrar recover. We always add recovery record in our archive.

Q: How can i install/play a hentai game?
A: If you are new to japanese games, please go to this page.

Q: You guys have a lots of hentai stuff, but i can’t find the one i need. Can i request you to upload it?
A:  YES, although we have most commonly stuffs and some rare stuffs that can be found only on HZ or some forums that our uploaders posted, but you can always request us. Read more here.

Q: Can i post your download links somewhere?
A: Yes you can. Feel free to share our download links or reupload and post it somewhere. Btw if you reupload, please backlink to us.

—–Will be updated—