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[WHITE BEAR] ふた部! [4/4] + DVDISO

Story: Niimura Akane is a normal girl whose curiosity has lead her to join the Futa Club as someone in charge of service duties. Thus begins her daily happenings with the four futanari within the club. Title: ふた部! Romanji: Futabu! [...]

[WHITE BEAR] 陰湿オタクにイカれる妹[彼女] [3/3] + DVDISO + BDRip

Story: Shuuji lives a peaceful life with his younger sister, Saki. But he secretly loves her and his libido gets uncontrollable day by day. One day, Saki tells him, "I love you.... I've been always thinking about you since I [...]

[WHITE BEAR] ツンデレ淫乱少女すくみ [2/2] + DVDISO + BDRip

Story: When Yui visits his school during summer holiday, he accidentally finds Sukumi, his classmate, masturbating in the female locker room. "If you don't want me to bring it out into the open, come here every day!" Her orders gradually [...]

[WHITE BEAR] 天然恋色アルコール [2/2] + DVDISO

Story: 天然恋色アルコール (Tennen Koi-iro Alcohol) were based on the erotic manga by Arima Jin. Title: 天然恋色アルコール Romanji: Tennen Koi-iro Alcohol Brand: WHITE BEAR Categories: sex, nudity, female student, large breasts, manga Release Date: 2014/05/30 till 2014/09/12 Episodes: 2/2 Subtitles: No [...]

[WHITE BEAR] 淫娘 [3/3]

Story: Two female schoolmates share their part-time work, their supervisor attentions, and their loved one. The supervisor then intercedes for them and bring their loved one to one of their "training session", giving him the choice to select between the [...]

[WHITE BEAR] 異常痴態 [2/2]

Story: Azusa owns an apartment with one remaining tenant. Afraid of losing him as well, she agrees on becoming his sexual lab rat. Title: 異常痴態 Romanji: Ijou Chitai Brand: WHITE BEAR Categories: Anal, Erotic Game, Female Student, Gangbang, Large Breasts, [...]

[WHITE BEAR] 春恋*乙女 [2/2] + BDrip

Story: Based on the eroge visual novel Harukoi Otome ~En de Gokigenyou~ by BaseSon. Together with his sister Umi, Akihito starts attending a former all-girls school which will soon be closed down, supposedly because of deteriorating birthrate. Title: 春恋*乙女 Romanji: [...]


Story: Yukito applies for a live-in servant job at a mansion, and at the interview he is pleasantly surprised that the salary is really high. Then there is still the matter of the entrance test - he is asked to [...]

[WHITE BEAR] 催眠凌辱学園 [3/3] + BDrip + DVDISO

Story: A student gets his hands on a device that allows him to modify the will of any targeted female—he can bring out the lust and any hidden feeling from their minds and use it to his advantage. He attacks [...]

[WHITE BEAR] 大江戸四十八手 [3/3]

Story: The action takes place in Ooedo Japan, when geishas and public houses appeared. Back then, girls raised in poor provincial families had little chances to get married successfully. The only opportunity to improve financial and social status for them [...]

[WHITE BEAR] 姉、ちゃんとしようよっ![5/5] + BDrip

Story: When Kuuya's parents died, he was adopted by the Hiiragi family. In a household of six elder sisters, he was the only guy. In time, he fell in love with his sister Kaname, but their father noticed and was [...]


Story: Going through life is hard enough for a coed at her sexual peak in an academy full of horny boys, but it's even harder when she's got horny boy parts of her own. Miss Futaba finds it hard to [...]